Homeland actor on strike and very pissed off

“Without the screenwriters, we have nothing! ". Message couldn't be clearer, Mandy.

Mandy Patinkin, aka the cold and placid CIA agent Saul Berenson in the series Homeland, seems much more pissed off in life. It must be said that the cause is strong and essential in his eyes: the fair remuneration of authors in Hollywood, very far from that of actors and more really in line with the new uses of platforms, among others.

Mandy Patinkin on the authors side

Like other actors joining the battle of writers by pounding the pavement (and soon directors and actors whose contracts expire on June 30? see Strike: no showrunner on the set of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of power season 2), he also parades with his small sign and his pro-strike t-shirt, a story that his notoriety contributes to the cause.

To be continued…

A video relayed on the Twitter account of screenwriter Lisa Cullen, also on strike, to whom we owe series like The Endgame, certain 2019-2020 episodes of New York special unit or The Ordained.