Jean Dujardin in Zorro in a series, it becomes clearer

After among others Alain Delon and Antonio Banderas, it is Jean Dujardin who will don the cape and mask of Zorro for a family series.

The filming of the future series for France Television is supposed to start this fall. The episodes will be directed by Émilie Noblet (HP, Parlement seasons 1 & 2, Les 7 vies de Léa) and Jean-Baptiste Saurel (Parallèles).

Benjamin Charbit, the scriptwriter of the series, of Reste un peu and who collaborated on the Bac Nord script, will be the showrunner of this new Zorro. Jean Dujardin had already been able to touch his dream of embodying the masked avenger by making an appearance as Zorro in season 2 of Éric Judor's Platane series (Canal+, photo below).