Frank Grillo changes creamery and joins James Gunn

The athletic and very charismatic Frank Grillo, still largely under-exploited in cinema and in the series, goes from Marvel to the DC universe. Explanations.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Frank Grillo (Kingdom, Boss Level, American Nightmare 2 and 3) played the key character of Brock Rumlow/Crossbone. A character he has portrayed several times in other Marvel Studios films and the What If series.

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The problem is that the actor, feeling frustrated at having only a few small screen appearances each time, decided to "go to the enemy", namely to sign a big contract for a DC Studios project. He justified his choice by saying that he was disappointed with the treatment his character received in the films, whereas he is much more prominent in the original comics.

Team James Gunn

While the comedian didn't specify which particular DC project it was, it's very likely that he'll play a key character in James Gunn's upcoming Creature Commandos animated series, where he'll be Rick Flag SR, superhero likely at some point to become a live action role. With Superman: Leach coming next year, Creature Commandos is the first piece of the puzzle in the James Gunn-driven DC Comics revival. Source: Comicbook