Squid Game soon the US remake?

Netflix has just formalized the possibility of an American remake of the Korean series Squid Game.

According to the generally well-informed site Coming Soon, an American remake of the hit Korean series Squid Game is currently in the works.

Fill the void

Premature news when we know that the schedule for the second season of the series is not yet very clear at Netflix, but which could also be a roundabout way to make fans wait and stir up the sauce around Squid Game without the imminent prospect of the second season of the Korean version.

Waiting for the original season 2

Indeed, the development of the second season is taking time and the shooting of the new episodes should not start before the end of the year in Korea. The other motivation for Netflix to develop a remake would be related to the poor quality of the English dubs and the poor translations of the subtitles. At the same time, that hasn't stopped the series from being the platform's biggest non-Anglophobic hit to date with 1.65 billion hours watched in its first four weeks on air. To be continued, therefore.