A night in Ted Lasso's iconic pub for not even the price of a pint

Watching an episode of Ted Lasso is a bit like hovering on a small cloud where the world of football resembles that of Care Bears (#purefiction). So imagine an evening and a night in the emblematic pub of the series! A good address signed Airbnb.

In the excellent series Ted Lasso (AppleTV+), coach Lasso, his assistants and the players of the AFC Richmont sometimes meet at The Crown & Anchor pub to regain their strength and/or be copiously insulted by ( nice) delirious supporters. It's all the atmosphere of the series and the AFC Richmont that you can find by spending a night there.

A typical English pub

When the third season of Ted Lasso airs on AppleTV+ on March 15, Airbnb is offering to spend a night at The Crown & Anchor Pub (the owner of the place, Mae, is played by actress Annette Badland in the series). Opening of reservations on from Tuesday, March 21, 6 p.m. (French time), for the following dates: October 23, 24 and 25, 2023.

And given the usual prices in London, the 11 pounds required to spend a night there for four people is a real bargain. And for those who prefer the sun (no offense), the palazzo from The White Lotus series is also on Airbnb, but not at the same price…