Final trailer Succession season 4, and last

We know that Season 4 of Succession will be the last of the drama series created by Jesse Armstrong. Its final trailer is available. Enjoy.

Season 4 of Succession, which will be broadcast on HBO Max in the USA on March 26 (we don't know yet for France), will be the last of the series. Its creator, Jesse Armstrong, made the revelation in a recent interview with The New Yorker.

No bullshit

At the end of 2021, Armstrong and his team got together to consider various scenarios for the new season. The goal is to "do something a little more muscular, more complete and stronger", he specifies. Before adding: “The decision to conclude the series with this fourth season was imposed on us as the writing of the episodes progressed. At the beginning of filming for season 4, when the last episodes were not yet written, I told the actors that I thought the season we were doing would probably be the last. I didn't want to tell them canards”.

No more for Succession

It is also for the sake of transparency that the author made the announcement to the press before the broadcast of the new - and therefore last - season of the series, so that fans "can watch season 4 knowingly cause”.

The best things therefore come to an end, and unless season 4 is completely missed (even if we were looking for ourselves a little on Succession season 3 at the beginning, probably because of the pandemic…), Succession won't will not have had, like so many other popular series, one season too many.