The Last of Us a cappella, the end of the world in song

Not necessarily obvious but in fact not surprising, the HBO Max event series is also entitled to a cover of its credits a cappella by the famous quintet of Korean singers (including a zombie).

A more than successful adaptation of the no less successful PlayStation video game The Last of Us, the series of the same name does not necessarily have a memorable credits, which did not prevent the Korean quintet Maytree from taking it over. cappella.

The Last of Us credits a cappella signed Maytree

To enrich the arrangement, the singers added a beautiful musical reference to the second episode of the video game, which will be adapted in the second season of the series (title Take On Me signed by the Norwegian group a-ha). Active for a while, Maytree for its part enjoyed a resurgence in popularity last year with its a cappella cover of themes from major Hollywood studios. Since then, the five choristers have never let up and have been performing arrangements taken from the most popular pieces of pop culture.