8K TV banned in Europe in 2023? No kidding !

Because many of you ask us the question, and because the shortest jokes are the best, we answer your questions about the so-called ban on 8K TVs in Europe from March 2023, and which has been making headlines on the internet in recent months. Of course, that won't happen.

Seriously ? You believed this "information" relayed on the internet since the start of the last school year, relating to the banning of 8K TVs (and certain large 4K models) in 2023 on the old continent due to stricter regulations on the energy consumption of screens within the European Union (EU)?

8K TV banned from Europe in 2023? Running Gag


Let's be serious. It was enough simply to consult the relevant articles of law on the EU site to verify that this would not be the case. Likewise, it's hard to imagine that Samsung, the leading brand in the global TV market for 17 years, and with a number of Ultra HD 8K models in its catalog since 2018, would have to significantly cut its 2023 TV range, and moreover its models. the most emblematic and the most premium… The good joke!

Surprised to see that this topic is getting bigger and bigger, on the way to becoming a real urban legend, and in view of the growing number of questions sent to the editorial staff (there have been several hundred since the beginning of December) and for which we are unable to respond directly to all of them, so we are taking advantage of our news feed to formulate a general response.

8K 2023 TV marketing in Europe? Nothing new under the sun If it is true that the regulations are changing this year, on the other hand, its original mechanics do not change. For example, the energy label associated with each television will always be linked to an electricity consumption scale produced in SDR mode. To put it simply, just keep in mind that the diffuser must meet the requirements laid down by the European legislator, out of the box. This is why for several years now, when switched on, television sets have essentially been set to Eco mode in order to correspond to the established scale and to be declared compliant. And if in 2023, the standard to be respected for each screen diagonal concerns all televisions on the market (until then, 8K TVs benefited from an exemption), that does not fundamentally change the situation.

All that for that ! Manufacturers and brands will simply offer an Eco mode at the exit of a more aggressive box, i.e. less bright. The consumer is then free to “unleash” the screen by deactivating Eco mode, changing Image mode and modifying the settings. In short, exactly the procedure that the most demanding of you in terms of image quality, already performed when installing their new TV.

Conclusion? Move along, nothing to see !