What is DTS:X for TV on LG Oled/LCD 2023?

The announcement at the CES show in Las Vegas 2023 that LG televisions will support DTS:X technology in addition to Dolby Atmos, excellent news in itself in view of the disappearance of technology from TVs LG since the 2020 lineup has prompted more questions than answers. What is it exactly?

At CES 2023, DTS and LG therefore announced the integration of the DTS:X for TV process within the brand's premium televisions, Oled and Mini LED vintage 2023. Several questions remained for the management of a DTS signal by LG screens: will they only be able to convey a DTS signal in Pass-Trough to a compatible device or to decode such an audio stream internally to enjoy it on its speakers? Both my Captain!

DTS:X for TV, what is it?

The site teaches us that a broadcaster with the DTS for TV label adapts seamlessly to all possible configurations. Backed by its backward compatibility with all DTS bitstream streams, the latter offers their local decoding for broadcast on TV speakers from a streaming platform (see our CES 23 news > DTS on films Disney+ Imax in 2023), optical media (DVD, Blu-Ray or 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray), or content stored locally or on the network. Of course, the "DTS:X for TV" technology takes care of the TV's specific output limitations and constraints. Similarly, the transfer of a DTS bitstream stream downstream of the audio chain, therefore to compatible equipment connected to the television is also possible.