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CES 23 > Hisense Laser TV 8K with new DMD TI 0.94'' chip

Four days ago, during a conference held in China in the city of Qingdao, the manufacturer Hisense further presented its Ultra HD 8K Laser TV technology presented at the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 (see CES 22 news > Hisense LX8K 8K Ultra HD Laser TV, updated specification, price and availability) and announced for 2023.

We now know a little more about the DLP Ultra HD 8K technology implemented in the next 8K Laser TV from Hisense.

8K DMD 0.94'' chip unveiled by Hisense/Texas Instrument

While up to now, Hisense Laser TV hardware has included 0.47'' (1.2 cm) or 0.66'' (1.67 cm) DMD chips, the 8K model will be built around an unprecedented 0.94'' (2.38 cm) DMD chip. This is a more than interesting clarification, at the time of writing such a chip does not exist in the TI catalog (Texas Instrument, creator of DLP technology). The TI offer is currently capped by a 0.78'' (1.98 cm) chip with native Ultra HD 4K resolution.

8K DMD 0.94'' chip, native resolution or display via XPR?

Among the other information delivered at this press conference, a display of 33 million pixels (corresponding to 8K UHD resolution) but without specifying whether it is native resolution or a total obtained via XPR process (wobulation). As a reminder, there is currently no 8K video projection system, consumer or professional. The disclosure of the presence of a 0.94'' DMD chip leaves all doors open: its larger size could mean more mirrors for a higher native resolution, or a brighter rendering at a constant number of mirrors (the 8K would be ensured via XPR) but with a higher pitch for a more efficient display of HDR content.

8K DMD 0.94'' chip,Hisense/Texas Instrument exclusive partnership-?

Concerning the absence of this 0.94'' chip from the TI catalog, we should probably see a close collaboration with Hisense which would thus have a temporary exclusivity. There is no doubt that the next CES show in Las Vegas, which opens on January 5, will see the Chinese manufacturer speak on the subject of Laser TV 8K.