Don't Breathe, Stephen Lang awaits the third opus

Stephen Lang, the villain in Avatar, suggests that the horror saga Don't Breathe could soon have a third installment.

The first film Don't Breathe, the House of Darkness by Fede Alvarez, released in 2016, caused a sensation. It featured three Detroit teenagers who, they thought, had the good idea to rob the house of a lonely blind man. Problem, their victim, although blind, was a veteran of the Gulf War, a scary man and much more dangerous than it seemed…

At least one comedian on the job

Success oblige, in the sequel, Stephen Lang had seen his character become a little more "heroic". A second film less profitable than the first but still three times higher than the film's budget, which left the door wide open for a third opus.

On this subject, the actor has just declared: “When I play the blind man, I am in the skin of a very interesting character. I loved it, and that's the right word, I loved filming Don't Breathe 1 and Don't Breathe 2, and I intend to do the same for the filming of Don't Breathe 3”.

A saga to follow

If, for the moment, no official announcement from the studio has followed this statement, we remember that the post-credits scene of the second opus suggested that the character had survived the brutal events of the film… To be continued, then. Source: Comingsoon