If Tim Burton's Batman Was A Silent Movie

The particular aesthetic of the 1989 Batman lends itself to this unusual project which transforms it into a silent film in the style of the early 20th century.

Completed at the beginning of 2021 but recently brought to the fore via a buzz on Twitter, this project by Ben Crew -director in Chicago- should arouse the interest of moviegoers of all persuasions.

Neogothic and chiselled music

Crew thus decided to transform Tim Burton's Batman film into a silent film, a genre that characterizes the beginnings of the history of cinema. Black and white, chipped grain, emphasis on the music, inter-titles and of course the absence of voices are notably used to materialize the illusion, and the result is quite impressive.

Tim Burton's neo-Gothic aesthetic lends itself perfectly to the exercise. Ben Crew also praises the talents of the composer of the original music, Danny Elfman. “This version works well because it allows you to enjoy Elfman's genius without words or sound effects, explains Crew to the Polygon site. Every note of his music is precise and timed to complement the action and the characters. The image and the music serve each other in the most beautiful way”.