Tom Cruise soon to be 1st civilian to spacewalk outside the ISS

We know he is capable of anything for a film, but here, Tom Cruise is going to go far, very far…

After rock climbing on the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and other increasingly crazy exploits for all the other episodes of the saga, accelerations to 7G and nautical crashes for Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise is about to get laid for his film directed by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorow).

And the countdown is fast approaching for the space trip planned for this month of October. It will be neither more nor less than the first film ever shot in space, in close partnership with NASA and Elon Musk for SpaceX.

Completely crazy


Incredible but true, Universal has just confirmed, if all goes well, that Tom Cruise will be the first civilian to go on a spacewalk outside of the ISS. Completely crazy! Michael Lopez-Alegria, spacewalk record holder at NASA, will be the pilot of the mission. As for the film's budget, it would be at least 200 million dollars.

Full expedition details to follow on the Space Shuttle Almanac, which lists all upcoming space voyages, including Tom Cruise's.