Star Wars Boba Fett season 2 confirmed?

Received lukewarm by the public, the Star Wars series Boba Fett on Disney+ could still benefit from a second season.

The Mandalorian brilliantly inaugurated the era of Star Wars series on the Disney+ streaming platform. After two strong seasons, optimism was running high for the new Boba Fett series, starring one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe since appearing in The Empire Strikes Back, and despite his limited role then.

Spanish leak

Big disappointment therefore that this series in which Boba is wandered from start to finish when he is supposed to be the boss of the underworld of Tatooine. The series is even saved by the Mandalorian himself, who ups the ante by squatting and extending his own story.

All that to say that the arrival of a second season was unlikely, but a leak published on the Reddit forum suggests that Boba Fett will return to the small screen. On a photo apparently taken by stealth, we can see a Spanish poster which lists the Star Wars programs of Disney +, with Obi-Wan, Mandalorian, Andor but also a Boba Fett with the mention of a season 2 to come soon. The season of redemption?