Hell's Club 3: ultimate cinephile mash-up (big love guaranteed)

What would happen if the heroes of all the movies (or almost) found themselves in a nightclub? The Hell's Club trilogy comes to an epic conclusion.

Director Antonio Maria Da Silva (AMDS Films) brings us a third (and last?) episode of his Hell's Club saga, a mash-up in which he mixes nightclub scenes from a multitude of films ( we stopped counting along the way) to recreate a new story.

Just the soundtrack…

More than a simple editing, he reworked the colorimetry to make it harmonious (calibration), exploded the inlays and offered us an ingenious soundtrack, an almost uninterrupted mix of the most legendary pieces of the dance floor for a result both astonishing and stunning.

Epic, plan an hour


So don't be surprised to see actors like Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Depp and many more interact, often cloned because taken from several films that have marked each person's career. Let's also mention Robocop, Terminator, the Gremlins and other mythical icons of the seventh art.

The most cinephile among you will enjoy spotting the winks and references that dot this epic video spanning more than an hour.