Disney in August, what's new? Miss Hulk! Star Wars Andorra! Prey!

What does the Disney+ platform have in store for us for this mid-summer, for the month of August?

Additional programs arrive every month on the Disney+ streaming platform, including exclusive original productions, but also older titles, even classics like The Boom and The Boom 2 this month. Here is a list of all the new films and series that await you for this month of August 2022 on Disney+.

Prey, the return of the Predator

Special mention for She-Hulk: lawyer, new Marvel series which prevents us from catching our breath before the next film of phase 4, as well as for Andor, new Star Wars series which we hope will be more successful than Obi- Wan (which we will still give a very decent last episode). Also hang on for Prey, a new film in the Predator saga set in the era when Indians ruled America.


- Prey

- Manhattan Counterfeiters

- Lego Star Wars: It's Summertime

- Jojo Rabbit

- Night And Day

- Life Aquatic

- The Incognitos

- Tolkien

- Heat

- The Boom

- The Boom 2

- The Student

- I prefer that we stay friends

- Patients

- Colombiana

- Chocolat

- La French


- My name is Groot

- She-Hulk: Lawyer

- Andor

- American Crime Story

- Code Black

- Portraits of stars

- American Horror Story: Double Feature