Winder Star Wars Tie Fighter: the Empire always on time

Sometimes you have to forget all logic to appreciate certain gadgets like this imperial hunter capable of winding analog watches.

After an Étoile Noire watch with the most beautiful effect, the Swiss designer Kross Studio continues its collaboration with Lucasfilm and offers a Tie Fighter winder. As a reminder, the Tie Fighter is a fighter ship used by the Empire in the Star Wars saga, while a watch winder is a device on which you put your analog watch to wind it up automatically. The combination seemed inevitable, right? (Answer: indeed, no).

Chero but exclusive

The device, designed in black anodized aluminum, weighs 4 kg for dimensions of 20 x 28 x 17 centimeters. Entirely designed and manufactured by Kross Studio, the Tie Advanced x1 -that's its name- is equipped with an infrared sensor to detect watches, and its battery lasts a minimum of two years. Available in limited numbers at an indicative price of $2,500.