Top Gun: Maverick director moves to F1 with Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton

Joseph Kosinski (on the left in the photo below), the director of Top Gun: Maverick and Spiderhead (currently No. 1 on Netflix in France), is already preparing his next film Formula One with Brad Pitt.

It will be a production by Brad Pitt (in the center in the photo below) and Jerry Bruckheimer, with a certain Lewis Hamilton (on the right in the photo below) as a prestigious consultant.

Real shots or nothing

Ehren Kruger (Top Gun: Maverick, The Ring) has been commissioned to pen the script which is set to tell the story of a retired pilot (Pitt) who returns to train a promising young pilot. The director has already promised that his approach to directing, with a predilection for real shots favoring the immersion of the viewer, will be the same as for Maverick.

A huge challenge

Joseph Kosinski adds: “It's fun to see so many people getting passionate about live-action photography. The younger generation who have been fed with computer graphics have not had the opportunity to see many of them. The computer-generated image is the main tool of big films, so when you shoot live action, for them, it seems to be innovative. This is exactly the approach we are going to have for Formula One. For the film, we are going to film real races with the real single-seaters. It will be a huge challenge and I find it very exciting”.

The future Formula One film will be shown in cinemas before landing exclusively on Apple TV+.