Lady Gaga in Joker 2: The Musical?!

The Gucci star is reportedly already negotiating his participation in Joker 2, which will take the form of a musical.

Since the official announcement of the start of construction of the sequel to Joker (2019) with Joaquin Phoenix directed by Todd Phillips, things are rushing.

Lady Gaga becomes Harley Quinn

Lady Gaga would be approached to interpret the role of Harley Quinn in a version quite different from that of Margot Robbie. Other surprising news, according to Hollywood Reporter, Joker 2: madness for two would be a musical!

A Rock and Roll sequel?

Which would still be a 180° turn from the tone and form of the first Joker. We recall that Phillips co-wrote the screenplay with Scott Silver, and that Joaquim Phoenix would be in the midst of negotiating his contract for his return as Joker. Sing or not? In any case, he was already dancing damn well as Joker running down the stairs to Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part 2 (excerpt below) in the first film… To be continued.