No agreement between Neve Campbell and the production of Scream 6

Neve Campbell, star of Wes Craven's Scream film saga, will not be returning for Scream 6.

Announced shortly after Scream 5, Scream 6 is well on its way and many characters are expected to return, including Kirby Reed, Hayden Panettiere's character featured in Scream 4, most likely Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers, the Carpenter sisters -still played by Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera- as well as the Meeks-Martin twins played by Mason Gooding and Jasmin Savoy Brown.

A value issue

But since yesterday, the production has had to accept a huge defection, that of the star of the franchise, Neve Campbell. The actress has just announced that she is dropping Scream 6. The one who played Sydney Prescott since the very first Scream told Deadline: “Unfortunately, I will not be playing in the next Scream film. As a woman, I've had to work extremely hard throughout my career to prove my worth, especially for Scream. I felt that the offer I was presented with did not match the value I brought to the franchise. It was a very difficult decision to move on. To all my fans, I love you. You have always been an incredible support to me. I am forever grateful to you and everything this franchise has given me over the past 25 years.”

After this announcement, screenwriters James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick will have to erase the character from the script. In the meantime, the release of Scream 6 is still scheduled for March 31, 2023 in the USA.