New series from the creator of Casa de Papel in survivalism mode for Netflix

Alex Pina, the creator of La casa de Papel, is once again preparing to rob Netflix with a new series inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the spin-off series devoted to the character of Berlin (Pedro Alonso) scheduled for 2023, according to the US media Deadline, the screenwriter and producer of Casa de Papel is embarking on a new series project, still for Netflix.

Luxury Survivalism

This one does not yet have a title and even fewer images (illustration photo below), but we know that it will be inspired by an article published in a Spanish newspaper published on October 9 2021 and which highlighted the explosion of requests for the purchase of bunkers just after the health crisis. The action will take place in a luxurious underground bunker where 1% of a country's population has retreated to avoid the disaster unfolding above ground.

A kind of closed door à la Cloverfield? Will the bunkers be renamed with the names of major world capitals? We'll have to wait a little longer before we find out...

In reality, some of these places already exist, like that of the billionaire Larry Hall: And the Home Cinema of the survivalist, how is it? (video)