Operation Zelensky minifigure and Molotov cocktails in bricks

Looks like Lego. But these are Citizen Bricks. And the Austin, Texas-based eponymous company is creating buzz with a new charity set that loudly shows its support for Ukraine.

Independent US retailer specializing in Lego customization, Citizen Brick certainly had the idea of the moment in the world of plastic brick construction, although clearly warlike: a mini-figurine of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Molotov cocktails to swing at enemy tanks.

The destroy brick specialist

Contrary to what was announced on certain social networks, this is in no way an initiative of the Lego company in support of Ukraine - which would have been surprising for figurines for children - but an action in the straight line of what Citizen Brick is already doing with its quirky or downright destroying mini-figures of Green Helmet, hard-rockers, bikers or bloody prom queens (between $20 and $25 indicative prices). Products to be reserved for adults.

A 100% successful charity operation

In the interests of transparency, Citizen Brick posted the handsome amount raised ($16,540) on its Instagram account, a sum that was entirely donated to the charity organization Direct Relief, which provides medical supplies to those in need. need. ⁠

⁠Citizen Brick has even visibly been a little overwhelmed by its success, speaking of "24 frantic hours" and encourages all those who have not been able to obtain their mini-Zelensky to make a direct charitable donation "to a relevant charity”. ⁠It is said.