Netflix, record number of Original TV series in 2022

In 2022, Netflix is poised to release more original content than ever before with 398 TV Originals expected, according to the latest data from Ampere Analysis.

These 398 originals represent only TV series whose first episode is scheduled for 2022, or those whose production is planned and whose first episode could take place in 2022. This figure therefore does not take into account all TV Originals series not yet ordered or only announced.

Zoom on the Netflix Originals 2022 TV series catalog

As a reminder, in 2021, Netflix had broadcast 259 of the 395 TV Originals series announced, already a record that the platform could therefore beat by 2022. It's off to a good start since mid-February 55 TV Originals series have already seen the day on the service while 56 more are scheduled for later in 2022. Similarly, 97 more are also scheduled for 2022 but without a specific date. Netflix also announces 88 TV Originals series just finished in production are ready to be integrated on the platform for broadcast. Finally, 102 are still in production and should appear, according to Ampere Analysis analysts, in the OTT service's catalog before the end of 2022. One thing is certain, all of these shows are already on order and in Netflix's production pipeline.

The word to Richard Cooper of Ampere Analysis

“Competition to retain subscribers in the face of aggressive studio-backed competition has made Netflix one of the world's leading creators of original content,” notes Richard Cooper, director of research at Ampere Analysis. Netflix's planned releases for 2022 show an increasing level of diversity, with a greater proportion of international content and a wider gender spread than ever before. This promise of more and better shows is exactly what the streaming giant needs to satisfy the voracious content appetite of its 222 million subscribers worldwide and to minimize future churn. . »