Guess where Lord of the Rings Season 2 will be filming

The Lord of the Rings Amazon film crew is leaving New Zealand for England.

The shooting of season 2 of the series The Lord of the Rings, which will take place next spring, will therefore take place in England. More precisely, it is the Bray Film studios, which cover 5,000 m2 and a plot of 1.7 hectares in the suburbs of East London, which will host the shots.

A first for an adaptation of Tolkien

This move is all the less trivial since it is the first time that an adaptation of Tolkien will not be shot in New Zealand. Dan Grabiner, Head of Original Series at Amazon Studios UK, justified this choice in Variety: “I think this move to UK is a testament to the depth of talent here, the reputation, the skills, the infrastructure. It's a big production. To make an operation like this work, you need world-class people and world-class talent working for it. ”

As a reminder, Amazon would have spent $ 450 million to box the first season. And for comparison, the original Peter Jackson trilogy cost a total of $ 281 million.

Season 1 of The Lord of the Rings will be available one episode per week on September 2, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.