DTS Compatible Sonos Arc, Beam, Beam Gen 2, Playbar and Amp

Sonos was historically and exclusively linked to Dolby Laboratories. Times are changing with an upcoming update to include support for DTS Digital Surround.

Of course, as it has been customary for a while at Sonos, only the Firmware update 13.4 of the Sonos S2 application is affected by the support of the DTS format (competitor of Dolby Digital). As a reminder, the S1 application (incompatible with Sonos products marketed after May 2020) only benefits from security updates and bug fixes but not feature additions.

Sonos S2, DTS and other evolutions If the DTS is now part of certain references of the brand -Sonos Arc (pictured below), Sonos Beam, Sonos Beam Gen 2, Sonos PlayBar and Sonos Amp- however no details have been provided on a possible DTS-HD or DTS: X compatibility. Namely, the S2 13.4 Firmware update also offers other evolutions:

• New battery saving mode available on nomadic Sonos products

• Equalization parameters accessible by pressing the appropriate icon on the Now Playing screen in the Sonos app

• HD Label now present on the Now Playing screen while streaming an HD file