Jennifer Lawrence returns with a bang to the coolest movie studio around

Return to the forefront for actress Jennifer Lawrence, who gave birth to a little boy in 2022. She will star in two films produced by the famous Hollywood studio A24.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence (recently seen in the comedy The Challenge) will star in the film adaptation of Paul B. Rainey's very dark and comic graphic novel released in 2023, Why Don't You Love Me?, for the studio A24.

It's Turning for Ex-Katniss Everdeen££££

The story features a miserable couple, Claire and Mark, who are struggling in their marriage while feeling like something is wrong in their reality. Twists and turns abound. An acidic and pugnacious charge that deals with marriage, alcoholism, depression, mourning and lost dreams. Robert Funke (On Becoming a God in Central Florida) is writing the screenplay. The actress, whose career was launched with the blockbuster X-Men: The Beginning and the immense success of the Hunger Games saga, will also star in The Wives, a film inspired by the reality show The Real Housewives, also produced by A24 and Apple Original Films.