After Europe, Apple attacked by the USA

After having had to comply with European demands, Apple is now facing a complaint from the American Department of Justice.

Apple monopolizes the smartphone market, making it difficult for Americans who would like to switch to a competing manufacturer. This is in essence what is said in a complaint recently filed by the DoJ, the US Department of Justice - no less - against Apple.

Extract from the title of the DoJ's complaint against Apple...££££

In addition to a monopoly situation, the complaint also specifies that Apple uses its position "to extract more money from consumers, developers , content creators, artists, publishers, small businesses and merchants.” Below are some of the main points alleged against Apple in this complaint:

• Apple does not allow Cloud Gaming services on iPhone

• Apple prevents third-party developers from using its payment technology without -NFC wire

• Apple does not allow third-party SMS messaging applications

Grievances that are obsolete or about to be obsolete££££

Far be it from us to defend Apple, but these topics are about to be resolved and even already resolved for the first, the latest iOS update having opened the iPhone to Cloud Gaming services worldwide. For NFC, the same update solved the problem in Europe, and there is no doubt that the rest of the world should follow, the technical part having already been managed. Finally for SMS, Apple already announced last year that the required compatibility will arrive at the start of the school year with iOS18. It is therefore not surprising that Apple declared regarding this procedure that it was “erroneous on the facts and the law” and that the company would defend itself “vigorously”.