Star Wars film Rogue Squadron, return to combat?

Disappeared from schedules for more than a year, the Star Wars film Rogue Squadron seems to be back, if we are to believe its director Patty Jenkins.

December 2023 was the date the Star Wars Rogue Squadron movie was originally scheduled to be released. In any case, this is what was announced in 2020. Director Patty Jenkins, to whom we owe the latest Wonder Woman films, will direct it.

Is there a pilot in Squadron?££££

In 2022, the film disappears from schedules. And then radio silence. But hope seems to be reborn if we are to believe an interview with the director on the Talking Picture podcast: “I’m back on Rogue Squadron,” she explains. We'll see what happens. We need to develop it to get it to where we are both happy with it (she and Lucasfilm)."

No confirmation from Lucasfilm however, although we would be delighted to see this story centered on the pilots of the Galactic Rebellion.