Expandable Samsung smartphone… it controls air quality!

Before being able to make coffee one day (it won't be long) our versatile smartphones could soon analyze the quality of the surrounding air.

If we are to believe this patent published at the end of February by Samsung and unearthed by @xleaks7 and Pigtou, the Korean manufacturer is preparing an air quality sensor for its future smartphones.

Smartphone with air quality analysis function££££

The document describes a mechanical system for adjusting the flow of incoming air, a system that requires nothing more and nothing less than a case extendable and therefore an extendable screen with a rollable/unrollable part hidden in the device. Two pretty crazy technologies in the same smartphone. The slide mechanism controls the opening and closing of the external air inlet into the device, allowing the latter to perform a more precise analysis (see illustration above). This new sensor should give a new “health” argument to smartphones, allowing the user to know the level of pollution in a given place, giving them, for example, the choice of ventilating (indoors), or wearing a mask ( outdoors).