Apple Car car, it should have looked like this

While Apple's autonomous electric car project is definitively abandoned, details about its design are coming to the surface.

Always very well informed behind the scenes at Apple, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg recently provided new details regarding the aspect of the electric car developed by Apple in recent years, a project recently put on hold for good.

Apple Car or futuristic van££££

Work on this car was launched internally in 2014, but the project was quickly shaken by internal disagreements, technical difficulties, as well as harsh reality from the automotive industry with which Apple was unfamiliar. The latest news, around 2020, the Apple Car resembled the Lifestyle Vehicle from the company Canoo (photo below). A kind of futuristic van with rounded edges, a transparent glass roof, a white finish and a front part almost identical to the rear part, giving the impression that the vehicle is always moving forward.

Apple Car and ID Buzz Volkswagen, an obvious connection ££££

If this design resembles the good old Volkswagen microbus from 1950 it is not for nothing since the designer Jony Ive was initially based on this . Before we got to the Canoo look, the Apple Car was almost identical to the 2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz prototype (on the right in the photo below, with the minibus on the left). Note that this design existed before Volkswagen announced its prototype, which is surely not a coincidence since in the 2010s some Apple employees left the company to join the German manufacturer. Here then…