Grundig Sonoclck3500DAB and Grundig Music6500B, clock radio and portable DAB radio

Grunding presented a few weeks ago its latest developments around digital radio (DAB+), including (note the references!) the Sonoclck3500DAB clock radio, and the Music6500B portable radio.

The manufacturer Grundig, already a supporter of RNT (or DAB+) technology, is offering a new series of products compatible with digital terrestrial radio. On the menu, alarm clock, radio, micro system, all in one... Whatever the consumer's needs, Grundig provides an answer. We begin the presentations with the smallest products in the range, clock radios and radios.

Grundig Sonoclck3500DAB, DAB+ clock radio ££££

The Grundig Sonoclck3500DAB is a Bluetooth-compatible DAB+ clock radio for streaming your songs from a smartphone for example. We will also note a USB port for connecting external sources, but also for recharging your mobile. In addition to DAB+, the device is equipped with an FM RDS Tuner. Also note a sound power of 2 W, a dual alarm, sleep and snooze functions, as well as a white LED screen with three brightness levels. Indicative price: 74.99 euros.

Grundig Music6500B, DAB+ radio set££££

The Grundig Music6500B reference (above right and below) is a portable DAB+ radio, also equipped with an FM RDS tuner. It also serves as a Bluetooth speaker with a power of 2 W always. It offers two alarms, the Sleep and Snooze functions, and its LED LCD screen has three brightness levels. Indicative price: 59.99 euros.