Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, ready for the army

The screen of Samsung's latest foldable smartphone confirms its solidity by responding favorably to a famous military certification.

Samsung Display recently announced that the 7'' screen of its Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphone is the first of its kind to successfully pass MIL-STD 810G testing, the United States Department of Defense standard.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, suitable for military service££££

In summary, it is a military certification for extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, sea water, etc. . Purpose of the maneuver, to simulate the daily use that a device could undergo if it were used by soldiers on duty. For example, the screen was usable normally even after being frozen under ice, having previously been wet, in an environment at minus ten degrees, for 4 hours. The screen also underwent brutal temperature changes between -32° and +63° Celsius for twelve hours. We're not even talking about multi-angle drop tests and other acceleration tests usually reserved for airplane and helicopter parts. Source: The Elec