Hans Zimmer is already working on the Dune 3 soundtrack

While the grandiose Dune Part II was released in theaters just yesterday, composer Hans Zimmer is already writing the score for the Dune 3 soundtrack.

At the time of the release of Dune Part 1, composer Hans Zimmer had, although he had been expressly asked to stop, continued to write the score for Denis Villeneuve's SF epic. At that time, he confided to the director that he had a feeling that they were going to have the green light to shoot a sequel, and that his work could possibly inspire him.

Denis Villeneuve is aiming for Dune££££

As Dune Part II hits theaters (click for review), many clues suggest that director Denis Villeneuve is already working on the script for a third part based on the novel Dune Messiah. And when Hans Zimmer is asked the question, he specifies with a smirk: “Guess who hasn't stopped writing? Before adding: on the second day of filming for Dune Part II, he arrived in my office and without a word, he placed Dune Messiah on my desk, before declaring "I know where we are going and I know that we 'we're not finished'.

While the gap between the first and second films was two and a half years (two years if it hadn't been for the writers' and actors' strikes), the gap between the second and third film is expected to be longer, with Villeneuve potentially tackling another (and smaller) project first.

Note that the film is heading towards a first weekend of between 80 and 90 million dollars in the USA and also internationally. Source: