Premium TV market 2023: Top 5 from Samsung to Sony

The market analysis and research firm Counterpoint Research, new owner of the firm DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) whose reports we regularly relay in our columns, has just published the Top 5 of the premium TV market segment for the year 2023, once again dominated by Samsung.

Samsung once again reigns without much sharing in the global TV market in 2023 (see our news TV Market 2023: Samsung world leader for the 18th consecutive year). This is even more true if we zoom in on the premium TV market segment, i.e. televisions priced at $2,500 and more.

Zoom on the Top 5 and the market share figures (volume and value)££££

The Top 5 premium models are therefore structured as follows: Samsung occupies first place ahead of LG, TCL, Hisense and Sony bringing up the rear. As a reminder, Samsung markets LCD and Oled TVs, the same goes for LG and Sony, while Hisense and TCL are absent from the Oled TV market. The figures presented below and compiled by DSCC show that Sony still manages to sell its broadcasters at higher than average prices like LG, while the prices of TCL and Hisense screens are below average. Pure Samsung, the difference of a single percentage point is not significant given its leading position. Considering Samsung's sales volume, maintaining an identical or almost identical market share in value and volume is a challenge, yet perfectly met by the Korean manufacturer.