Sora shakes up Hollywood and already puts a huge project on hold

A simple demonstration of Sora's generative AI capabilities put a multi-hundred-million-dollar Hollywood project on hold.

Creator of ChatGPT among others, OpenAI recently unveiled Sora, its system for generating videos from a simple textual description (called “Prompt” in AI language). A demonstration so impressive (video below) that it called into question the certainties of director, producer and actor (Don't Look Up) Tyler Perry (photo below).

Sora or Sora not?££££

While he was in full expansion of his studio complex in Atlanta (an $800 million project), he simply put work on hold at moment when he discovered Sora's prowess. What good are these twelve additional studios, when a few lines of well-shot and technically well-informed text will be enough to generate the plans he needs?

It's shocking££££

"Everything is currently and indefinitely in pause because of Sora and what I saw, Perry told The Hollywood Reporter. I had heard last year that this was happening, but I didn't realize until I recently saw the demonstrations of what he (Sora) can do. I'm shocked. I can sit in an office and do all this with a computer, it’s shocking.”