Solros “sunflower” speaker that follows your trail (concept)

Become the “sun” of this Solros speaker which will then turn towards you like the sunflower towards the star of light, so that the sound follows you in your movements.

Bluetooth speakers that broadcast sound 360° are legion, but cost more and often require special placement to function properly. This is where the (unfortunately imaginary) concept of Korean designer Joon-Yeol Bae comes into play: Solros, a speaker that automatically turns towards you so that the sound is perfect, even if you move.

With Solros the sound hits you in the pants…££££

The device is inspired by nature, more particularly the sunflower (Solros in Swedish) which constantly faces the sun. It incorporates technologies found in autonomous cars or vacuum cleaners, allowing it to spot you and rotate its speaker so that the audio always radiates in your direction. Solros also detects distance, adjusting the volume depending on whether you are closer or less close, giving you the illusion that the sound is following you everywhere. A clever concept therefore, even if it raises some problems, such as its ability to offer sound for several people at the same time. Source: Yankodesign