Minecraft and KitKat to the rescue of cocoa

Quickly, you have until March 1, 2024 to discover the new Farmtopia server for the Minecraft game, dedicated to supporting responsible cocoa cultivation.

For the third time, KitKat candy bars are launching its Farmtopia ephemeral server in the Minecraft video game. Goal of the maneuver, “to raise awareness among the new generation about responsible cocoa cultivation”.

Farmtopia, with each edition its mission££££

The server, which offers mini-games and community activities Minecraft allows you to discover in a fun way the different facets of sustainable cocoa cultivation. And apparently, it works since the first two editions had garnered thousands of connections, allowing us to support the planting of 22 km of hedges (the famous ones...) in 2022 among partner farmers in Hauts-de-France, and the planting 20,000 coffee trees more resistant to climate change in Colombia in 2023.

When giants do social££££

For this third season, KitKat will provide 15,000 shade trees, a rare commodity to protect cocoa crops in Ivory Coast. “Because every action counts, KitKat has made it its mission to go further in its support of cocoa farmers and their families through the Income Acceleration Program,” says KitKat. This program adopts a unique, family-centered approach that aims to provide additional income and contributes to improving the living conditions of cocoa farmers who participate in our supply chain.

The server will close its doors on March 1st, so don't hesitate to go there quickly to take a look.