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3D Ultra HD 4K HDR Dolby Vision/Atmos, a first on Apple Vision Pro!

Until then, 3D content was limited to 1080p and SDR, either from Blu-Ray editions or from an (to our knowledge) American streaming platform. But that was before... Now, it is possible to enjoy 3D content in Ultra HD 4K and HDR Dolby Vision quality, a first possible thanks to the Apple Vision Pro headset and the new HDR Dolby Vision Profile 20.

Happy owners of an Apple Vision Pro headset. Indeed, the HDR Dolby Vision Profile 20 available only on the Apple Vision Pro headset, pending the availability of other hardware of the type, supports the MV-HEVC Main10 10-bit codec. HDR Dolby Vision Profile 20 backward compatibility is not applicable for 2D content or for already available HDR Dolby Vision certified devices, televisions or media players.

Apple Vision Pro, free 3D if you purchased the films on the Apple TV application££££

As a reminder, HDR Dolby Vision Profile 20 was initially intended for premium Dolby Cinema theaters (theaters equipped with a laser projector), capable of offering a 3D experience through a specific headset, however limited to 8-bit SDR. Thus, with the Apple Vision Pro, it will be possible to view content mastered for Dolby Cinema theaters from the comfort of your sofa... Namely, the list of available 3D films includes nearly 220 titles, of which, at the time of writing these lines, 162 in HDR Dolby Vision and 170 in Ultra HD 4K. Good point, films acquired through the Apple TV application are automatically available in 3D at no extra cost (see photo below taken by our colleagues at