Crunchyroll on Samsung Smart TV: anime by the thousands

Streaming platform dedicated to Japanese animation, Crunchyroll is coming to Samsung connected TVs.

Already available on Apple TV and Google TV, the Crunchyroll application is now arriving on Samsung Smart TVs. A streaming platform dedicated to Japanese animation, Crunchryroll offers more than 46,000 films and series episodes, as well as more than 3,000 video clips and Japanese music concerts.

A word to Kaliel Roberts, product director at Crunchyroll ££££

“Japanese animation is one of the fastest growing entertainment mediums worldwide,” said Kaliel Roberts, Chief Product Officer at Crunchyroll. We're excited to improve access to Crunchyroll for Samsung Smart TV users. Samsung offers a seamless experience for both anime fans and those curious about Japanese animation, allowing them to easily sign up and access their favorite anime directly on their television screen. application is only available on Samsung Smart TV models marketed from 2017.