Photo of the day: the Apple Vision Pro on Tim Cook's head

If you were wondering what the new Apple Vision Pro headset worn by the Apple CEO himself looked like, you're satisfied.

Since the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset was unveiled in June 2023, we have been able to see it many times through images and videos. Even more so since its release in the United States at the beginning of February.

Tim Cook and the Apple Vision Pro headset worn on his skull££££

We have therefore clearly known for months what the Apple Vision Pro headset looks like, and we also know what the Apple CEO looks like , Tim Cook. On the other hand, we did not know until now what Tim Cook looked like with an Apple Vision Pro on his head. Well now there is no more suspense, since the gentleman recently took part in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, which of course asked him to pose with his brand new product. You can therefore admire the famous president, ready to work for a few hours with his virtual office attached to his face. Thank you Vanity Fair.