Apple Car, not autonomous, not before 2028

Still in the realm of the unofficial, the Apple Car is moving away from the near horizon and losing some features in the process.

In November 2023, Bloomberg's often-informed Mark Gurman reported that Apple's electric car was still in development and could launch toward the end of the current decade. More recently, he specified that the project should come to fruition in 2028, two years later than previous estimates.

Apple redoes the levels££££

We also learn that the vehicle will lose the autonomy function compared to the initial plan. Basically, the Apple Car was to have Level 5 automation, which in unofficial automotive industry jargon means complete vehicle autonomy, without driver intervention. In other words, a car that drives itself.

The project then went down to Level 4 - requiring limited driver intervention - before reaching Level 2+ today. Apple probably made this decision following various reports of autonomous car accidents, not wanting to take the risk that the brand would one day be associated with these kinds of incidents.