CES 24 > Ballie, Samsung's robot gets better

With faces this cute, it won't be tomorrow that the robots will succeed in bringing humans to their knees.

Like its competitor LG, Samsung also took advantage of the CES 2024 show held this week in Las Vegas to present its domestic robot, intelligent companion and home automation hub. The difference with the LG Smart Home AI? Ballie was already introduced in 2020 and is returning in an improved version.

Ballie no fool££££

The big addition to this model is a smart video projector that can project an image on the floor, wall or ceiling, automatically adapting the display quality depending on the distance and conditions from light. Ballie detects your posture and facial angle to know exactly where to project: a video call, a fitness video during your workout, a cooking recipe or the dog's favorite video to distract him.

Like LG's robot, Ballie walks around the house and alerts you on the smartphone when something is wrong. It also serves as a home automation assistant, capable of connecting to compatible devices such as lights, air conditioners, washing machines and others. Finally, the robot can follow you everywhere and greets you when you come home.

A nice concept even if only a video (below) was revealed at CES, and no release date has yet been mentioned.