CES 24 > LG WebOS 24: Multiview 2 or 4 screens, voice profile, AirPlay and Chromecast…

Already largely overhauled in 2023, the LG WebOS Smart TV interface is evolving again with several new features always with the aim of improving ergonomics. We therefore offer you a zoom on WebOS 24.

Before going further in the description of the new features offered by WebOS 24, we must recall the Re:New functionality guaranteeing four years of updating the television operating system. Thus, an LG Smart TV acquired in 2024 will benefit from Firmware updates until WebOS 28, i.e. 2028 (see our CES 24 news > LG WebOS Re:New function, 4 years of updates guaranteed). Good news, WebOS 24 will soon be offered to owners of an LG 2022 Oled TV, an LG Flex Oled TV, an LG Posé Oled TV and a QNED Mini LED 8K LG 2022 TV (95/99 series) . LG announces that other old references will be affected in the future.

LG WebOS 24, new ergonomics and layout

As you can see in the photo below, the screen is divided into four zones lengthwise. At the top of the screen, we find a very large carousel to highlight content from LG partners. Below we notice a first row of thumbnails called Dynamic Quick Cards grouping content by theme (Home Office, Home Hub, Music, Sports and Games), with a significantly smaller size than in 2023. Lower down, within the third row, there are the installed applications. Finally, the new fourth row is dedicated to content recommendations based on TV usage for each user profile (see photo below comparing WebOS 23 on the left and WebOS 24 on the right). Understand that the son's recommendations will be different from those of the mother. Namely, it is now possible for each profile to associate a password to prevent, for example, the youngest from accessing the parents' profiles to watch age-restricted content.

Even lower, another screen accessible via the white arrow where other partner content will be grouped, in addition to a Now Streaming section with a visual of current content on the main OTT platforms.

LG WebOS 24, profile selection by voice recognition

If WebOS 24 still offers to create a user profile for each member of the household, the 2024 version of the operating system will be able to switch from one profile to another thanks to voice recognition. Example, if the television is used with the profile of Madame and the son enters the room and vocally asks the television to display the current cartoons, the latter will automatically change the profile of the user in favor of that of the child.

LG WebOS 24, Multiview 2 or 4 screens

Available for several years on Samsung Smart TVs, the Multiview function is available with WebOS 24. It allows you to display four independent audio-video windows on LG M4 and LG G4 models, two windows on LG C4 specimens. Namely, for the 4 screen Multiview function, two can be associated with an HDMI source (game console/PC and 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray deck for example), the other two can display Netflix, YouTube, a TV channel, etc. Clarification , each of the displayed windows is independent of the others, without having to leave Multiview mode. To be clearer, it is possible to change channels in the live TV window by clicking on it while the other windows continue to display their signal. Likewise, simply click on the YouTube window to use the streaming platform exactly as if it occupied the entire screen. Thus, with the 4-screen Multiview, the user has four real screens in one.

LG WebOS 24 certified Matter, Airplay and Chromecast (integrated)

As in 2023, LG Smart TVs are Matter certified, the new Smart Home protocol supported by the biggest names in the sector: Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and LG. Likewise, to enjoy consumers' favorite digital content, LG2024 Smart TVs also support AirPlay 2 and Chromecast (built-in) protocols for enhanced connectivity and compatibility with mobile devices.

With WebOS 24, LG is celebrating with fanfare the tenth anniversary of the WebOS platform born in 2014 and the 200 million televisions equipped since that date. With the objective of reaching 300 million televisions/monitors in 2026.