CES 24 > 10 LG soundbars: LG S95TR, LG S90TY, LG SG10T, LG S77TY, LG S70TR, LG S70TY, LG S60TR, LG S60T and LG S40T/S20T…

Continuation of our presentation of the 2024 LG soundbar range. After our news the LG S95TR, LG SG10TY and LG S70TY references already presented in our columns, make way for the LG S90TY, LG S77TY, LG S70TY, LG S60TR, LG S60T, LG S40T and LG S20T.

We see that, unlike last year when many of the soundbars in the brand's catalog were in fact 2022 references which were renewed for a one-year lease, the LG 2024 soundbar range includes many new features. In addition to the three soundbars already presented in our columns, the LG S95TR, LG SG10TY and LG S70TY, seven others have been announced, the LG S90TY, LG S77TY, LG S70TY, LG S60TR, LG S60T, LG S40T and LG S20T.

LG 2024 soundbars, common functions

If all these references differ in their equipment and design, they nevertheless almost all share certain common functions. First and foremost, Wow Orchestra mode. As a reminder, this allows the TV speakers to operate in addition to those of the soundbar, for richer audio rendering and greater sound immersion. We also note that for the LG S95TR and LG S70TR with the supplied surround speakers and for the LG S90TY, LG S77TY and LG SG10TY with the optional surrounds, the latter no longer require an external box to communicate with each other, only a cable is now required. required.

The third central HP, which appeared last year on LG soundbars, will concern an increased number of references this year, without further details. As a reminder, the presence of the latter - in addition to the classic central channel - makes it possible to vertically enhance the dialogues in order to give the impression that they come from the screen and not from the bottom of it.

AI Room Calibration function inside

Similarly, the AI Sound Pro function coming directly from the brand's televisions is available on many LG 2024 soundbars. This means that the adjustments made in real time by the TV depending on the nature of the signal are transmitted to the soundbar for even improved sound reproduction. Of course, the new AI Room Calibration already mentioned in our news on the LG S95TR (see photo above), LG SG10TY and LG S70TY, will also be included in other models in the range, again without further precision. New, in addition to the acoustics of the room, this now supports surround speakers regardless of their positioning - offset in height, not in the axis of the TV, offset from each other at the rear... - for ever more sound immersion. Thus, the ergonomics of the LG 2024 soundbars are significantly improved.

Wowcast inside function

Available in the LG S95TR, LG S90TY, LG SG10TY (see photo below), LG S77TY, LG S70TR and LG S70TY references, the Wowcast functionality for a wireless connection between the television and the soundbar , and optional surrounds. Wowcast includes the eARC function within its Wi-Fi connection to enjoy Dolby Atmos/DTS:X sound from the TV (SVOD application) and/or sources connected to the screen's wireless box.

LG 2024 soundbar, advanced acoustic package

LG indicates that its premium soundbars, the LG S90TR and LG S70TR references, will see their acoustic package evolve this year thanks to their larger size. In addition to the increased tweeter performance, the woofer is larger, 99 x 52 mm, and a passive radiator has been added to further reinforce the impact of the base frequencies. Ultimately, the frequency response at the bottom of the spectrum is much better, 120 Hz instead of 200 Hz until now. Same in the high frequencies with clearer treble and less subject to distortion.

LG 2024 soundbar, bulk info

Once again, the information communicated by LG on its 2024 soundbars is fragmentary, we will have to wait for the CES show in Las Vegas or even a later date, when the new audio-video range is presented in spring 2024 for example , to know everything about these models. However, from the brand's speech we can deduce some characteristics, For example, considering the LG S90TY, located just below the flagship LG S95TR, and the 2022 range, we can deduce that this should be a 5.1 model .3 capable of evolving with a pack of wireless surrounds. Namely, the Lifestyle references of the range are renewed in 2024. These are the compact LG QP5 and LG SE6S (also known under the name Eclair, see photo above) and the powerful LG SH7Q and the LG QNH5.

LG S40T and LG S20T, new low-end series

The LG S40T and LG S20T take on the role of the brand's “entry-level” soundbars for 2024. At the risk of repeating myself, few details have filtered out on these models but we can reasonably assume that they will be sold without an external subwoofer.

Again, LG hasn't yet provided details like channel counts and power ratings on these most affordable models in its new lineup, but they probably will. simple single-bar solutions (no external subwoofer).

Note that some of LG's 2022 and 2023 "Lifestyle" soundbars will continue until 2024, namely the ultra-compact LG QP5 and LG SE6S models “Eclair”, as well as the very powerful but affordable LG SH7Q and LG SNH5.

See you in a few weeks in Las Vegas to find out more.