Planet L Gold Edition designer speakers, gold in a ball

The famous French manufacturer Elipson presents a “gold” version of its no less famous Planet L spherical speaker.

In homage to the special “80th anniversary” edition dressed all in black, the Planet L speaker signed by French manufacturer Elipson is available in a new Gold Edition series with three additional colors: Mercury Ice Gold (white), Mars Lava (red) and Uranus Cloud (green). Each is decorated with a base and a golden grille.

Elipson Planet L, high-end filters

As a reminder, in this enclosure we find precision metal oxide film resistors, low tolerance 250V polypropylene film series capacitors, and D1.2 mm series inductors with low series resistance. Without forgetting the internal audiophile cabling type OFC 2 x 2.25 mm².

Available. Indicative price: €999 per pair.

Reminder of the technical characteristics of the Planet L Gold Edition: • Type: bass-reflex speaker

• Speakers: 2-way coaxial

• Bass-midrange: 165 mm, paper cone with treatment damping

• Acute: 25 mm, fabric dome

• D1.2 mm series inductors with low series resistance

• 250V polypropylene film series capacitances with low tolerance

• Film parallel capacitance polyester 250V

• Precision metal oxide layer resistor

• Audiophile internal cabling OFC 2 x 2.25 mm²