Top AVCesar 2023: craziest auctions

A look back at the most competitive auctions of the year, dominated by old Apple products and worth several tens of thousands of dollars.

Throughout the year, Collector products were put on sale at crazy prices, and purchased at even crazier prices. To celebrate the end of the year, here is a small selection of articles - dominated by Apple - that we have dedicated to this subject over the last twelve months. Click on the link to access the corresponding news.

Retrospective of the 2023 auctions selected by the editorial staff of

• One of the first iPhones in its original box finds a buyer for 63,000 euros • Guess what? Another original iPhone, this time selling for $190,000! • Well, another iPhone, but this one is rare because it contains the Twitter application, which has not been deleted in favor of its replacement “X” • One of the very first checks signed by Steve Jobs -CEO of Apple- in 1976 • Vintage and collector's Apple sneakers, rare but not as rare as Steve Jobs' old sandals! • Come on, no iPhone to finish but an iPad, bearing the signature of Steve Jobs