House (by Sandra Bullock) for sale with ultra-luxury Home Theater

Sandra Bullock sells a house for 30 million dollars, as zen and luxurious as possible, with a Home Cinema that we all dream of... Ready for the visit in TikTok mode?

It sometimes hurts the eyes in its not at all cinematographic time-lapses, but for the rest, the video of the ultra-luxury real estate agent Alejandro Jimenez is rather dreamy. In a matter of seconds, we visit this incredible property of actress Sandra Bullock, for sale for the sum of 30 million dollars.

A tidy sum reserved for a handful of lucky potential clients in the world, but obviously to be put in parallel with the interior and exterior hyper-space, the exceptional location, the variety of rare wood and marble species, the crazy layouts, the number of oversized rooms and the terraces you name it, all equipped, we imagine, like the pros. Thinking that her career would not last forever, the heroine of Speed invested heavily in real estate and developed a passion for architecture. Each place she renovates has its own identity.

Sandra Bullock, head in the stars

The proof with the Home Cinema that we see at the start of the video, just after the super designer, transparent giant wine cellar. In the same vein, the cinema room welcomes in a cozy atmosphere no less than four rows of giant soft sofas for around 15 seats (without crowding...), a very good size screen and a technical back room which shows nothing (we like) to leave the reception area free of all cables and unsightly objects. The most discerning will notice a starry sky, dark walls (we fully validate) and an acoustic treatment with covering with large pads at the back of the room, but also a cosmonaut outfit at the entrance to the house as well as the in-law Planets, with obvious references to his role as Ryan Stone in Gravity.