Aliens Returns 4K Ultra HD, pre-order open

After The Abyss and Titanic, also recently opened for pre-orders, here are those of another cult and emblematic film by James Cameron, Aliens Returns (1986). All you have to do is click…

If no release date is really official at the time of writing these lines, we already know that the one announced by web merchants for June 30, 2025 is purely fanciful and deliberately pessimistic. While waiting to find out more, it is already possible to pre-order it. And this is real friendly advice as some 4K UHD releases have been regularly and very quickly sold out for some time.

Aliens 4K Ultra HD, technical specifications

As a reminder, the specifications mentioned by the web merchants announce the presence for the 4K disc of the HDR10 and HDR Dolby Vision labels with the film in cinema version (137') and Director's Cut (154'). In addition to a Blu-Ray of the film also including both versions.

On the bonus side, if many additions and audio commentaries are already known (see the previous Blu-Ray release of Aliens), we expect to discover new ones, particularly on the 4K restoration of the film. James Cameron also supervised all of these long-term remasterings... A 20th Century Studios/Disney release.

• Click on the following link to pre-order the 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray/Blu-box set Ray from the movie Aliens Returns