This is when the next Game of Thrones book will be released!

Finally ! The next Game of Thrones book will be released in May 2024. Naturally, it's the Game of Thrones cookbook we're talking about.

The sixth volume (out of seven) of the Iron Throne saga from which the Game of Thrones series is based continues to not be released. So, just to keep fans waiting, a cookbook will arrive in May 2024 full of recipes for dishes from the medieval-fantasy universe created by George RR Martin.

Crunchy gourmet recipes from Maester Alton

It was Martin himself who recently exclusively presented a few pages of this work: “The cookbook is presented as the fictional manuscript of Maester Alton, a curious scholar and passionate about cooking at the Citadel, who appreciates the cuisine of the nobles as much as that of the people, explains the author. Her recipes evoke the regions, history and stories of the world in a charming and erudite voice. Each section is introduced by superb woodcut illustrations, like this one featured in the first pages of the book.”

Martin shares a recipe, “Les boulettes de Hautjardin”, and reveals the table of contents which notably includes the sections The cellar, Breads, Desserts and sweets, Soups and stews, Drinks. Perfect to accompany your Game of Thrones pepper shaker.