Apple 5G modem, not before the iPhone 17 in 2025, at best

Despite development within the Cupertino company started a few years ago, the 5G modem for Apple's iPhone is still not ready, forcing the company to continue to obtain supplies from Qualcomm.

Apple is still not ready to replace the 5G modems of iPhones with its own chip, despite development started in 2020, after the company bought part of the electronics giant Intel.

iPhone, Apple modem postponed to 2025 or 2026

This is what Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reveals, estimating according to his sources that the chip will arrive at the end of 2025, or even the beginning of 2026. So either for the iPhone 17 or the iPhone 18. Initially, this proprietary modem was to arrive in 2024, but we learned last year that it had been postponed to 2025.

Apple modem pushed back to 2025 or 2026, why?

Reasons for this delay, technical problems linked to Intel's initial code, which required rework, but without much success since the added functions disrupt those already existing. Additionally, Apple is taking precautions not to infringe on Qualcomm's patents in the process of developing its own chip.